Types of service provided :

  • Charter
  • One-way transfer
  • Two-way transfer
  • Multiple Stopover
  • Regular Transport
  • Shutter Bus Service
  • Any other bus transport service

Description of services

Charter Service is termed as a service whereby an allocated period of time is catered for your transport needs

A simple bus service that ferry you from location A to location B

We will ferry you from location A to another location B and back to location A.
However you have a choice of choosing a different drop off location.

Multiple Stopover is termed as multiple pick-up from different locations and drop-off at a number of locations

Daily Transport of students, workers, working adults to school, factories, offices, etc.

Repeated route from point A to point B for short distance ferry.

Please provide us with details on how you want your transport needs to be catered to you via email or simply just call us.

Kindly tell us what type of service you are looking for ...
If the service you are looking for is not listed above, do send us an email.
We will get back to you asap!